Why Invest in a Water Purifier for My Business?

Investing in comfort and safety for employees and customers is undoubtedly an important pillar to sustain the success of your business. Therefore, purchasing a water purifier is essential to ensure that everyone involved in your company’s daily life is adequately hydrated with pure, healthy water.

But the advantages don’t stop there, you can also save by sticking to this small appliance. Before explaining how this is possible, we propose the following reflection: does your company calculate how much mineral water it buys each month?

Know that there may be an important cost there and that it can be optimized. By purchasing a water purifier, in addition to reducing the cost of purchasing containers with mineral water periodically, the company obtains the liquid with similar or better quality. Let’s explain!

End of month savings 💸

When buying a water purifier for your company, the only future concern will be to change the device’s refill every six months and carry out the annual preventive maintenance. Other than that, you can say goodbye to the hassle of buying and installing the famous “bottles” or “gallons of water” or replenish your stock of pet bottles of mineral water.

In practice, this means money saved at the end of the month and much more comfort and convenience in accessing water . If used correctly, the purifier can last for years. Do the math and check, in the long run, the amount invested in the purchase of the new purifier is more advantageous than the amount spent on obtaining bottled mineral water.

Conscious consumption ♻ 

But it is not just the economic factor that draws attention. Although returnable, the “water bottles” have an expiration date and must be discarded after this period expires. In a moment of valuing environmental awareness, it is crucial that we can reduce the production and consumption of these items, aiming at the well-being of current and future generations.

For companies that choose to supply the 500ml water bottles, the problem is even greater. According to the Brazilian Association of the PET Industry, only 50% of plastic bottles used in Brazil are destined for recycling, a number that contributes to placing Brazil in fourth place in the ranking of countries that generate the most plastic in the world.


Taking care of your health is the best investment 💧

We know that you do your best to maintain a harmonious and productive environment for your team, but it is important to remember that ensuring the health and well-being of employees is also the company’s responsibility.

And since a healthy body is also maintained through small details, it’s worth paying attention to the quality of hydration offered to people in your professional environment.

The water provided by the water purifier undergoes purification levels and technologies that act to control the proliferation of bacteria, retention of particles and sediments, elimination of flavors and odors and reduction of free chlorine.

And that’s just the basics, some refills act on other, more specific points, such as decreasing the acidity of the water and eliminating bacteria . Regardless of your choice, the important thing is to know that you will have real pure water available for your company.

Now that you know that the water in the purifier has an excellent level of quality, how about betting on the idea? Visit our website and check out our portfolio. We have several models of purifiers that can meet your company’s needs.


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